Incorporating new rituals into your routine or scheduling time for rituals is a great way to keep yourself, your space, and your crystals in harmonious balance. If you think about it, we perform countless rituals everyday; from the way we get up in the morning to the way we prepare for bed at night. Rituals are such a big part of our lives, it is extremely beneficial to create a ritual for some “you time”.

On this page you’ll find a number of rituals, from morning rituals to grounding rituals and everything in between. There are so many different kinds of rituals that it is easy to customize it anyway that feels best for you. Below are some rituals created by myself and by others. Credit is always given where credit is due.




Simple Morning Ritual

  • Pick out a crystal at random or one that you’d like to help you based on its healing properties.
  • Cleanse the stone under running water or pass it through sage smoke and place it on your altar.
  • Set up a cup of water onto your altar and add carnelian water (find out about crystal essences here)
  • Gather an incense stick or incense cone to your preference, along with an essential oil you find pleasing.
  • Think about the types of energies that you would like to call upon to influence the unfolding day before you.
  • Imagine your perfect day and form an image in your mind.
  • See yourself achieving it.
  • Put a small drop of oil on your finger tip and touch your third eye, see yourself bathing in morning light. See everything you do today with love and joy.
  • Light the incense and let its scent waft over you.
  • Say an affirmation and set your intentions for the day.
  • Hold up the cup of water and “toast” to the day, and then bring it close to your heart. Dip your fingers and close your eyes, then place a drop of water on each eyelid.
  • Ask that your perception expand so that you may see the clarity in all situations.
  • Hold your crystal and project into it your intentions.
  • Ask that it help you stay focused and motivated throughout the day.
  • Carry it with you throughout your day!


 Evening Ritual

  • Begin by cleansing the crystal from your morning ritual of all the energies it collected throughout the day.
  • Thank your crystal for its guidance and place it back in its place.
  • Pick out a new crystal at random, or based on its healing properties to help you sleep.
  • Cleanse the new crystal under running water or pass it through sage smoke and set it on your altar.
  • Place a new cup of water on your altar and add amethyst elixir (you can learn about elixirs here).
  • Pick out an incense stick or cone of your preference.
  • Begin on reflecting on the day that has just passed. Contemplate the energies you experienced, the things that went as you had hoped and the things you would have changed.
  • Light a candle and ask that your prayers rise up with the smoke and be heard by whatever deity you choose, or the universe.
  • Take a sip of water and affirm that you will enjoy a restful night’s sleep and awake rejuvenated in the morning.
  • Hold the crystal to your third eye. Trust that it will protect you throughout the night and anchor your spirit as it travels the world of dreams.
  • Place it under your pillow for the night and cleanse it the following morning.


Simple Sage Smudging Ritual

Light the sage wand and walk through the house with it over an bowl of water or abalone shell. Wave the wand back and forth, creating an infinity pattern and say “Sacred sage, cleanse this home. Cleanse this room of any impure and negative energies. Fill it only with your divine light and love.” Once you have walked through each room repeating the chant, it is time to wash yourself clean. Flow the wand around your body and your face as if you are washing it and say “I rid myself of any negativity today. To wipe the slate clean and begin again with the only emotion we are truly born with, love. Fill me with your love, let it spill out of me like a work of art, namaste.” Then put out the sage wand and meditate on the divine light inside your soul.


Circle Casting Ritual

  • Light your candles and prepare elemental offerings. Candles for fire, incense for air, a bowl of water for water, and a plant or bowl of soil for earth.
  • Eliminate any thoughts, feelings, and energies that would distract you.
  • Cleanse the space with sage and visualize any leftover energies and negative thoughts drifting away and bright white light radiating from your body.
  • Offer a blessing to the space, the elements, the universe and the deities. This could be as simple as a flower, fruit, earthly treasures, etc; something that has physical meaning to you.
  • Stand in the center of your space, wherever you would like your circle to be cast.
  • Facing east, extend your power hand in front of you.
  • Center yourself, grounding your energy with a cord that extends out of your feet and down into the earth.
  • Draw up energy from the earth through your feet into your hand.
  • Allow the energy to flow out of your hand as you prepare to cast.
  • Beginning with air, invoke the element.

“Here and now, I invoke the element of air. I call to the summer breeze and the morning winds, to the echoing song and the lifting wings. You that is ever dancing, you that teaches lessons of the invisible, you that topples trees; I call you here to infuse my intention with your swirling gifts. I call you here to sing the spirit wind. Carry my will on your back and raise my purpose into your sky. Breath and cloud, sound and song.. Air, I call you here.”

  • Light the incense, then turning clockwise turn to the South and invoke the element of fire.

“Here and now, I invoke the element of fire. I call to the dancing flames of creativity and passion, vibrant source of heat and light. I seek the glowing forge within that I might warm myself with desire, excitement, courage and inspiration. I call you forth to burn away all that impedes my highest vision and to enact change in the world. Lightning and hearth, heart and forge.. Fire, I call you here.”

  • Light the candle you’ve set to represent fire, then turning clockwise turn to the West to invoke the element of water.

“Here and now, I invoke the element of water. I call to the fluid of infinite shapes and forms; flowing source of adaptability, emotion, and life. I seek the pure spring within that I might drink deep of change, to wash away all that needlessly binds and to move fluidly in this world. Ocean and river, ripple and rain.. Water, I call you here.”

  • Place your fingertips into the bowl of water and then to your third eye.
  • Finishing your circle, turn to the north and invoke the element of earth.

“Here and now, I invoke the element of earth. I call to the swirling dust and dawn-lit mountains, to the farmers fields and all the swaying trees. You that remains solid, you that touches us of quiet stability, I call you here to infuse my intention with your boundless gifts. I call you here to fashion the spirit cavern; root my will into your soil and ground my purpose in the stones. Boulder and gravel, redwood and rose.. Earth, I call you here.”

  • Sprinkle some water upon the earth offering to bless it.
  • Feel the circle close, now a bright and seamless ring.
  • Visualize the ring thickening and curving inward until it meets above your head and below your feet, forming a perfect sphere of energy.
  • Drop your hand to shut off the flow of energy.
  • Next, as you sit calmly in your circle, invoke the Archangels (optional).

“Before me.. Raphael, Guardian of the east. Behind me.. Gabriel, Guardian of the north. To my left.. Uriel, Guardian of the north. Please come to me now.”

  • Meditate for a while with the beautiful light energies.
  • Perform any spells or rituals you have at this time.
  • After you’ve completed all that you wish to do, give thanks to the Archangels for assisting you.
  • Give thanks to the elements, always leaving the incense to fully burn out.
  • Close your circle by extending your receptive hand toward the wall of the circle. Facing east, begin drawing the energy of your circle back into your hand and down into the earth.
  • Turning counter clockwise with your arm out, draw in the energies from all directions of your circle and back into the earth.
  • Drop your hand, shutting off the flow of energy and disconnect yourself from the earth, bringing your energetic cord back into your body.


Sage Smudging Ritual: this ritual is from www.omlivin.com

  • Gather your materials (herb stick, fireproof container, candle & lighter)
  • Set your mini alter up on a table or where ever you’re doing your smudging ritual at.
  • Set your intentions for the smudge (You can do this through a small meditation, mantra, prayer, chant or even thought) then light your candle.
  • Repeat your intention while lighting your herb stick with the candles light. Make sure to light it well then slowly blow out the fire and let it continue to burn, while creating a purifying smoke.
  • Place your herb bundle in your fireproof container, I use an abalone shell because I like to combine all the elements into my smudging rituals.
  • Some people will use special feathers or fans to help move the smoke in a specific direction, however, I find that a hand will do just fine.
  • Now starting at the head, waft the smoke onto yourself or the person you are smudging and make your way down to the feet.
  • Working clockwise (just as in smudging your own space) make sure to get the back of the body as well.
  • The person who is being smudge needs to keep the intentions in their head or can say them aloud.
  • Once smoke has cleansed the whole body, let the herb bundle extinguish or die out then blow the candle out.
  • Some like to burn incense to complete the ritual, however I find the candle works in the same way. Also, be sure to open a window if doing the smudging inside so that all the negative energy may be released outside the home and given to the universe to exchange into positive loving energy.


House Sage Smudging Ritual: this ritual is from www.freepeople.com

  • Decide which room you want to begin the ceremony in and stand at the center (if you have a partner, have them stand with you).
  • Breathe deeply and set your intention for the room. Your intention can be anything you’d like it to be, but it should include a sentence or two about freeing the space from any pre-existing impurities and negativity.
  • Walk around the room and gently wave the smudge stick (carefully holding the shell beneath it to catch any falling embers) so the smoke wafts into corners, up walls, around window moldings, and into closets.
  • As you do this, visualize the smoke sucking up all the negativity that might have existed in the space before you and drifting out the open windows and doors. Just as you washed away the literal preexisting grime with a mop and bucket, now you’re washing away the spiritual dirt.
  • As you move throughout your home, repeat the ritual in each room, altering your intention as needed.
  • You may want to promote unity and nourishment in your kitchen, or community and sanctuary in your living room, for example.
  • Once you’ve finished cleansing the space itself, cup your hands around the smoke and waft it over your face and around your body, visualizing any remaining negativity, stress, or pollutants leaving your body and drifting out the open windows.


Full Moon Ritual with Tarot Cards: this ritual is from www.stellarseaspirit.co.za

  • Select one or two crystals that would like to join you. Light a candle, take 3 deep breaths, get into your physical body and feel yourself fully present in your chosen space.
  •  Take your favorite scent, this could be an essential oil, perfume or incense and waft or spritz it around, gently inhaling and relishing this aromatic pleasure.
  • Choose a position that is comfy for you, holding a crystal in each hand or one between the palms of both hands or holding it up to your heart center with your non-dominant hand.
  • Open with a request to your Spirit Helpers and Deeper Self to bless and consecrate your space and to join you in this meeting place between worlds in perfect love and perfect trust.
  • Start with “thank you”, recalling all the people and moments that made an impact on you in the last month. Extract all the goodness and wisdom from these recollections and let them fill you up on the inside.
  • Then you might want to wait a minute and see if someone wants to step forward and communicate with you. You will sense their presence and experience a deep serenity in it. If not, command them to leave or to tone down the energy.
  • If you have a favorite deck of oracle or Tarot cards or a set of Runes, shuffle them and draw 2 cards or Runes. The first to represent your inquiry, “What have I gained since new moon?” And the second to represent spirit’s guidance, “What requires release with this approaching waning moon?”
  • Note down any feelings and insights or journal as you see fit.
  • With the sun and moon on opposite sides of the Earth, they create an arc of energy between them over our planet. Tap into the imagery of this shimmering arc overhead and let silvery moonlight and golden sun rays intermingle and filter into your aura.
  • Imbibe the energy and feel your cells illuminate, your spirit elevate and your mind rejuvenate.
  • Personal Decree:

I now dissolve my former selves, beliefs, labels and identities that no longer serve me as I step into greater relationship with my core being, Nature’s secrets and other dimensions, I dismiss all self-judgment, shame and guilt. My soul talents bloom and my light brightens. I am at peace on all levels and this exudes in my personal space and extends to wherever I may go.”

  •  Conclude your full moon ritual by asking your Spirit Helpers and Deeper Self for guidance, inspiration and assistance in a specific matter in your life.
  • Or if you don’t have anything pressing to address, ask for guidance, inspiration and assistance in your ability to serve a greater purpose through uplifting others, spreading love and just shining your light in a way that is beneficial to all. “I am ready, show me the way”. 


Love Yourself Feminine Ritual: this ritual is from www.goddesslifestyleplan.com

You Will Need: A handheld mirror, a fragrance that you LOVE (a perfume, essential oil or incense), and light pink and white votive candles

  •  First, begin by pampering yourself in some way; a healthy meal, a walk in the woods or on the beach, a massage, a mani-pedi … then run a luxurious bath for yourself using a soothing natural body wash or an essential oil in a vanilla, rose, or gardenia scent (something soft, feminine and delightful smelling to you).
  • Light a few pale pink or white votive candles in the bathroom. Ease into the tub and visualize every care leaving your body and being cleansed away by the soothing, aromatic water.
  • Now grab the mirror and look at yourself. Look deep into your eyes and straight into your soul… tell yourself that you are unique and beautiful. Speak out loud the attributes that you LOVE about yourself. Start with personal attributes (they are the easiest for women to acknowledge) – I am generous, I am kind, I am loving, I am compassionate, I am funny, etc.. then add physical attributes such as – I have beautiful eyes, I LOVE my dimpled cheeks, I have great hair, I have great legs, etc.
  • Be sure to inhale the aroma you selected as you look at yourself and name… one by one, your beautiful qualities. Please don’t rush it, luxuriate in the self-love experience!
  • If it feels good, you can say:

“I see my authentic self, I see beauty and love. I take care of myself, my body, my mind and my soul, o that I can be happy and whole.”

  • When you’re ready, step out of the tub.
  • As the water drains out of the tub, visualize your worries, concerns or self-doubt disappearing with the water down the drain.
  • Now dry off and apply your favorite body lotion and wrap yourself in a robe. As you wrap yourself up in your robe, visualize Spirit (God, Goddess, Source) surrounding you. Spirit wants you to take care of yourself and love yourself!