Crystal Grids



Using crystal grids is the art of placing crystals around a person or place for energy enhancement, attraction, release or protection. Each layout has a specific purpose and effect; many different crystals can be used and the layouts can be adapted to different purposes. Crystal grids can be used for simple to complex things, like sleep quality or world peace. Whatever the case, the crystals energy is amplified with your clear intention. The central crystal, its properties and its purpose are amplified and complimented by the surrounding crystals. The surrounding crystals are chosen for their complimentary properties that enhance the holistic effect of the grid. The pattern of the grid can be inspired by nature, sacred geometry, or just an intuitive free flow. The important aspect is to have fun and be creative! You can’t really make a mistake when your heart and goals are one.

  • Decide on your purpose for your grid. Find a safe location for the grid and cleanse the space.
  • Choose crystals that have magical properties related to what your intention is.
  • Place the crystals in a pattern of your choosing, placing your master crystal in the center.
  • Relax and center yourself, visualize your goal already achieved with positive intention.
  • Say a prayer of gratitude and leave your grid to bring the helpful energies into your life.

Below are a few examples of grid patterns.