Charging And Activating Crystals


Charging (Energizing)

Once your crystals have been cleansed, it’s important to re-energize them so that they can release their own natural energy and vibration. The charge eventually wears off over time, or after cleansing, so it’s important to re-energize them after each cleansing. Here are a few different types of ways to charge your crystals:

Clear Quartz: Quartz absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It draws out negative energy from your space or crystals, neutralizing background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations. To charge with quartz, simply place your crystals in the center of a circle of quartz points, with the points facing in to draw energy into the crystal.

Sunlight and Moonlight: The powerful energies of the sun and the moon have the ability to charge your crystals, as well as cleanse them. With the suns powerful energy and the moons gentle energy, your crystals will be restored to their true vibration with a little energetic boost. If you feel like leaving your crystals out in the sunlight and moonlight for a few days, be sure that all your crystals can take sunlight and moisture from the rain.

Water Charging: Placing crystals in a glass or bowl under cool running water also cleanses and charges them. Leave them there for 10-20 minutes, let your intuition guide you with what feels right. When using this form of cleansing or charging it is important to check your crystals hardness level, a 6 or higher is safe to use with water.

For information on which crystals can’t be in sunlight and/or water, click here.

Other easy ways to charge your crystals are to place them in a copper pyramid, rubbing them between your palms, visualizing them in white light, or place them on top of a quartz or amethyst cluster.


Activating (Programming)

After your crystals have been cleansed and charged, it is also important to activate your crystal to your highest good and to manifest your wishes. If you don’t activate your crystal, it won’t know where to focus its energies. To focus the crystals energies, you must first create a clear intention of something you want or need. It may help you to write it down, or to say it out loud. The most important part is that you have a clearly focused intention. With your focused intent the crystal can then define its purpose and directly focus its energy toward that intent. If you constantly program your crystals with the same intent, it will reinforce the instant focus your crystal has with you. It is believed that when you are programming your crystals, you are inscribing your thoughts into that mineral. A crystal can typically hold up to 4 or 5 different intentions, as long as they are compatible. To program your crystal follow these steps below:

Formulate your intention, make sure that it is well thought out and properly focused. Select a crystal that resonates with the purpose of your intention; if you are looking to manifest love into your life, use rose quartz. Once you have selected your crystal, hold it in your hands and sense its energy. Ask the crystal permission, and infuse your intent into it. You can do this by either asking your crystal out loud, or writing it on a piece of paper and placing your crystal on top. Visualize the crystal being surrounded by white light or use a candle if you have a hard time visualizing.

If you don’t have a specific intention you wish to focus your crystal to, simply ask it to manifest good into your life. Whatever your intent may be, don’t limit it! Ask for this or “something better”.

“I dedicate this crystal to the highest good; I ask that it be used in love and light only, with no harm to others.”